Sunday, August 10, 2014

Royalty Free (Creative Commons) Music

Disclaimer: This is not my music nor am I associated with the composer.  I was looking around for music and found this website.  Although it's royalty free, you do need to give the composer credit if you use his music.  Each song has a "More" button you click and that will show you how.

Incompetech: Royalty Free Music.

A video that I made about the website and the music on it.

There is a whole load of genres you can search through.  You can search by genre or you can search by certain sounds such as "Action", "Bright", "Bouncy", "Humorous" and "Uplifting".  Those are only five of the many sounds you can search by.  There is a whole slew of music and both the genre search and the sound search (I call it that for lack of a better word) can help you to find music.

I am sharing this because I was very impressed with not only the songs themselves, but the search functions as well.  Because all the music in the world isn't very helpful if you have an idea of what you want to find, but can't search for it effectively.

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