Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why They Fight

Why do people in the United States Military fight? They fight for their loved ones. They sweat, suffer, and sacrifice for the people of this country, the United States of America. Whether they know them or not. Even those people they don't know are still valuable. They fight for the people who wish to live their lives.  Lives free from crushing tyranny (Ref. 1Ref. 2 & Ref 3.)

They are a Shield and Sword for the people who live in the United States of America.  Each person is a human being. Each person has their own hopes and dreams.  Each person is infinitely valuable. The people in the United States military fight for them.

They are a shield against those who would see us destroyed. A shield against despair and disaster.  No, they cannot always prevent disasters. When disaster strikes, they are there to uplift those in sorrow. They are there to help out and aid those who are suffering. That is how they are a shield.

As a sword they strike against enemies. A defense sometimes is not enough. An offense against this country's sworn enemies is sometimes required. Those who truly hate America. NO, I am not talking about political differences. Part of what makes us great is our Freedom to argue and disagree about politics and policy. I do NOT mean our political system and political parties.

I mean those who truly despise the Untied States of America. Who cannot be placated. Who will not sleep until our country has been smashed, wrecked, and incinerated.  Those people in the military are here to insure this does not happen. At the direction of our Commander In Chief, they stand ready.

They stand ready to be a sword against those ones who truly wish to see America destroyed. Those who want to see the Constitution obliterated, our People subjugated, and our Nation annihilated.

By their Strength, Skill, and Will, that shall never happen!

We have a Constitution for a reason. Part of this reason is give authority to our 3 Branches of Government. We have a Constitution so the states keep the power that the Federal does not have. We have a Constitution to make sure the people stay free, So long as their actions do NOT infringe and violate the Rights of others.

That is why they fight. They fight to protect every single person living in the USA. To be a sword and shield for the people living in this country.

Strong, Faithful, and True.

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