Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shall We Have Rulers or Leaders?

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Each Country needs a government to maintain order.  To prevent society from devolving into pure anarchy.  Anarchy here means total and unmitigated lawlessness.  To prevent this countries require governments.  Governments which are staffed, run, and maintained by people.  It is important to decide if the people running the government ought to have limits on their official power and authority.

One choice is to have a tyranny.  This is a government with no genuine limits on its power.  The officials of a tyranny can do what they want when they want to.  Even if it has limits these limits can be broken. An official breaking the "limits" placed on the tyranny won't be genuinely punished.  Limits on the government can be ignored, without punishment, or they can simply be overridden.  The leader of the tyranny need only wave a hand, speak a word, or write on a piece of paper.  Whenever it is convenient for a tyrant to do so the tyrant will Unilaterally change the law to suit their will.  Or they will pressure a legislative or judical branch into bending to their, the tyrant's, will.  A tyrant can do one of three things: Simply ignore laws, use threats to pressure the lawmakers into doing what they, the tyrant, wants, or the tyrant may simply make laws by decree.

One choice is to have a democracy.  Under a democracy the People have a real say who gets to lead them.  People who live in a democracy have rights.  These rights cannot be taken away without due process of law.   A due process that involves an independent judiciary.  The government that is a democracy still needs to make laws.  These laws are written and enforced to protect the life and liberties of the People.  Laws which make sure that the citizens are safe and to make sure they do not infringe upon the rights of others.  Under a democracy, the government itself has limits on its power.  Officials who break the law are punished in a genuine way.  This is to make sure that government officials are truly accountable for their actions.  Limits on the government protects the people from abuses of power.  Abuses of power are actions by the government that deprive the People of life and liberty without a True, Unbiased, and Fair trial.

Tyrants rule.  People running a democracy lead.  Tyranny or Democracy.  Two kinds of government.  Two choices.  Two paths.

Which type would you want in charge of your country?

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