Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grace, Love, and Mercy for you

I was listening to the song "Be Thou my Vision" by the group "4Him" and I felt inspired to write this entry:

The thing about God is that He has a sense of justice.  This is why He despises sin.  Though He despises sin, our Lord and God does NOT despise you.  Despite your failings, the Lord has such a deep love for you.  Our Heavenly Father's love is so great that He sent His own begotten Son to die for YOU.  That was Christ's sacrifice on the Cross.  Only Christ, who is free of all sin, could be offered up as a perfect sacrifice.  Only the spotless Lamb could take the sins of the world upon Him.  That means every sin, from the Original Sin to the very last sin committed right before the Last Trumpet sounds, is forgiven.  A perfect sacrifice for all of humanity.

It matters not what sins you have committed.  In the eyes of The Father you are still His child!  Despite your faults.  Despite your past.  And despite anything that has happened in your life!  This is the Promise of God to you: His love for you endures, as perfect and complete as ever.  Please know you are Loved.  No one is perfect.  God understands this because He made us.

Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection three days later means you now have access to truly unlimited grace.  Still, know this!  Christ's sacrifice does not, in any way, mean it is now okay to sin.  Sin is still very dark and rotten and should be avoided.  Sin is still evil.  Sin is still wrong.  Sin should be avoided.  Despite the darkness and evil of sin, God's grace and forgiveness for sins is a light that can banish that darkness. If only a person reaches out and accepts His grace and forgiveness.

His grace is enough. His forgiveness shall never wear out. It shall last until that angel of the Father sounds the last trumpet at the end of days. His love for you is unconditional. Meaning it has no "catch". No condition or situation shall cause Him to love you less.

When life has you down, try to remember that there is a God who loves you unconditionally.  For you He has Grace, Love, and Mercy.

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