Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Employers: Be Bold, Be Brave!

(You are free to share this with people who are in a position to hire employees for a business.)

As employers, I realize that you face a very difficult business climate . The laws passed by the Obama Administration have created a load of uncertainty. ObamaCare with its taxes and regulations. You don't know what it will do. I get that. The law has so much in it and you are being cautious. The 2009 Stimulus Law which increased debt and necessitated more money printing. Which in turn lowered the value of the USA Dollar. The more currency there is in circulation the more inflation goes up. Meaning the dollar is not worth as much as it was. I understand all of that. We as a nation are living this. That is the problem. Now, what to do about it?

Be Bold. Be Brave. Stare down the issues and do the impossible! Stare down the bad circumstances and hire anyways! You can hire. Despite the fear, despite the uncertainty. Hiring is how we can get the country back on its feet again.

People get hired. Moral goes up. People eventually spend more. Businesses get more money meaning they can hire more people. Moral goes up again, leading to more spending and more hiring.

To do this you, the employers, must be brave. Yes, it's risky. The risk is worth it. Despite the risk get on your feet and hire! Despite what the taxes and regulations in ObamaCare might do. That is fear. Go forth despite the fear! America has always been about taking risk. Being brave and reaching forth! Now is the time for employers to reach forth! We as a nation need companies hiring again. It will get the engine of our economy going again. Once the engine is going and people start spending and hiring, the engine can go faster. Our country can recover. Now we need companies to take that first step.

Who among you shall take that first step?

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