Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your Personal Dignity

Your personal dignity is integral to you as a human being.  To be treated fairly and as an equal.  You deserve dignity.  You deserve to Not be trampled on psychologically.  You deserve to Not be treated like a servant.  Still, there are those who would treat you like a servant: talking down to you, treating you with contempt, seeing you as being lower than them.  That is not a good place to be life.  Yet some people put up with being treated this way. Why would one wish to endure this?

They may feel something they are getting in return makes it worthwhile.  They may truly feel like their place in life is to be treated like that.  It could be they are in a situation where they cannot easily escape from.  What to do?

You can always stand up for yourself.  You need not tolerate someone treating you like his or her servant.   You are worth more than to that.  Please, never forget this.  People may try to convince you are worth less than they are or you have less human dignity than they.  Do not let them.

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