Sunday, April 29, 2012

Relationship with God

When God our Father made us, we were made to have a relationship with Him.  The one desire of every human is have a loving relationship with our Holy Father in Heaven.  The desire is there whether or not someone knows it is.  There is no perversion or corruption in Jehovah.  He desires a relationship with us because He knows it will bring us joy.  The heart of the Father also longs to know and be intimate with His children’s hearts.

Your Father wants your heart!  Look past his sometimes harsh justice.  True, He can be terrible to behold at times.  That is because He is Holy and Just.  That Justice does not lessen His love.  His Love is kind, patient, and benevolent.  A constant stream of encouragement He sends to all people.  God knows your struggles little one.  Seeing them day after day, Our Father wants you to be happy.  Not from sin of course.  There are ways we can be happy without sinning.   For He knows and sees what sin does to our souls. 

Sin sickens our spirit, though we do not always see it.  Sin also separates us from our God.  A fellow brother in Christ described it as rocks in a river.  Sin is like rocks blocking a stream.  Humans cannot remove these rocks on their own.  Our Father knows this.  That is why He sent Jesus Christ to us.  Christ was a sacrifice for every single sin ever and a bridge.  A bridge between humanity and our Father in Heaven. Our immensely loving Father!  Now, with Jesus and only through Jesus, can you and I connect with our Father.

Jesus taught so much wisdom.  Christ showed our Father’s desire for our joy through healing.  He constantly reminded us that all power flows from God’s throne.   Jesus let Himself be nailed on that cross.  His sacrifice lets us be clean of our sins. We all still sin.  Without Christ there is no hope.  With our Savior there is hope. It is easy to be forgiven.

Call out to Jesus!  Hesitate no longer!  Feel the living Father in Heaven knocking on your heart!  You can take the first step now.  You need only ask Christ, out loud or just thinking, to come to you.  Then pray that He will help you believe.  Talk with Jesus.  Unload your sins onto Him for He is mighty enough to forgive all.  Whether you can remember them or not, ask for forgiveness and mean it.   Simply ask to be forgiven with sincerity and you will be.

There must be more than a prayer for forgiveness.  Being forgiven is wonderful, but there is more.  You are probably getting discouraging thoughts now, little jabs.  Ignore them.  Ask Christ to have these temptations of the enemy taken from you.  He is faithful and will do so.  Let not the enemy stop you from having a relationship with the Father.

Jesus will guide you so you can discover how to have relation with the Father.  Ask Him how and He will show you.  The Holy Spirit will also teach and guide you on how to have a relationship with the Father.  As long as you breathe it is never too late.  You can do all that now.  Be not afraid for our God desires you and knows you will be joyous having relation with Him.

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