Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Question of Tyranny

(Brief note: I've had these thoughts about real life Tyranny and its impact on real People for some time now.  Those thoughts and ideas I had were scattered and disorganized.

[Until I saw the movie "Hunger Games".  Watching that movie helped me get my thoughts together.  That film helped me to organize my thoughts on real life Tyranny and its impact on real People.)

Is tyranny a good form of government? A government where the leaders are not beholden to a clear and unwavering code of conduct. In a tyrannical style of leadership the leaders may in fact rule as they please. For those in power this makes it easy to rule. With no set code of conduct to adhere to, they may do what they want. With no fear of legal punishment for their actions. For they are a power unto themselves. They are the law. On paper, so to speak, this sounds attractive. To the ones in power it may feel like the best way to do things. Yet what of the people who are being ruled by a tyrannical government?

These people may not be visible to the ones in power. Visible or not, the impact on the lives of the people is the same. The people under a Tyrannical government suffer under the rule of those in power. How do they suffer? The People in a land of Tyranny are not guaranteed protections and safety. There is no one to turn to in cases when the government goes out of control. Under a tyranny there is no real and reliable protection to stop the government from doing as it wishes. An unbound government is a dangerous government.

Being unrestricted by any sort of accountability, it is good for those in power. Yet for the people who matter, the ones living under tyranny day-to-day, it is not a good form of government.

***** (Please continue onto Part Two: "Impact of Tyranny on the People").

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