Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lanterns: A Comparison

Why is a person’s personality more important than his or her looks?  A person’s looks fade with time. What a person is like on the inside can endure.  So when I talk about a lantern’s outside design I am talking about looks.  When I mention the light inside the lantern I am referring to a person’s personality.

What is the purpose of a lantern?  A lantern is meant to hold a light inside of it.  Lanterns come in different shapes and sizes. Some are unadorned while others are decorated with different designs. While a lantern may look beautiful by itself, if it doesn't have light it isn't complete. What's better, a lantern with a design that isn't lit, or an unadorned lantern that has light in it? If you had to choose, it would be better to have the unadorned lantern because it glows. The outside of the patterned lantern might be more beautiful, but it's the light in a lantern that is the most important.

To one person a certain intricate design or designs might be beautiful. To another person the same design or designs might be unattractive. Other people might eschew all designs and think simple, unadorned lanterns are the most beautiful. Light adds to the appearance of a lantern. As it shines through, the outside is illuminated, showing the lantern's beauty in full.

Just like a light illuminates a lantern’s exterior design so does a good personality make a person more beautiful.  Even if a person’s looks are not considered beautiful, their personality can still be so.

No lantern is ever useless, unless it's broken. When it's broken, the wick inside can't hold flame anymore. As long as the wick is intact, it still can be lit and glow. Yes, a lantern's outside appearance may add to it, but it's what on the inside that matters most.

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