Sunday, April 29, 2012

Impact of Tyranny on the People

(It may help to read this entry first: "A Question of Tyranny")

[Just like "A Question of Tyranny", this post here is about real life Tyranny and its impact on real People.  The movie "Hunger Games" really helped inspire me to write both "A Question..." and this post, "Impact of Tyranny..."]

A Tyranny has one goal: Power. The pursuit of gaining power and making it stronger. A Tyranny will do this even if they hurt their own People. The people leading a Tyranny care not for the ones they hurt. They care not for the pain and suffering inflicted upon the lives of the people under their authority.

The People under a Tyranny must put up with this day-to-day. They have to deal with the chaos and uncertainty that comes from living with a Government unbound by Clear and True Laws. The People live with an entity that can do what it wants when it wants. With no respect for any sort of restraining Law. When it comes down to it, the People do not matter at all, whatsoever, to the Leaders of a Tyranny.

The Leaders who care only for their power have no heart. They go about their lives running the Tyranny. They care not for the People. They care not for the pain caused by their actions. If they did care they would not use iron fisted tactics to control the People. If the Leaders of a Tyranny truly cared, they would stop pursuing power quests.  If they were really humans with a heart and soul, they would stop oppressing the inherit freedoms that all People are entitled to. They would see how the Tyranny is affecting the People and stop being Tyrants!

People generally don't like to be oppressed. Laws to protect the Life and Liberties of other People are one thing. Laws designed to only enrich the Power of the Tyranny's Leaders is another.

The Leaders of every Tyranny need to look at their people. They need to stop being steel-hearted and realize what their oppressive laws are doing! It is possible to keep order without resorting to iron-fisted tyranny.

The Purpose of a Government is to uplift and encourage. Not crush and discourage.


  1. "The Purpose of a Government is to uplift and encourage. Not crush and discourage." Seems this is what Obama is doing with his decision not to deport illegal immigrants who were brought to this country at an early age, and who have done nothing for which they should be deported.

    1. "The Purpose of a Government is to uplift and encourage. Not crush and discourage," is referring to Tyrants such as Putin and Chavez. Rulers who go about doing things their own way without regard for the people.

      This whole post is more than that quote. Whether his intentions were good or not, Obama stepped outside of the bounds of the Constitution.

      The USA Constitution requires that the Executive faithfully implement the laws passed by the Legislative branch. He is no longer doing that.

      He made policy without the approval of Congress. What he did is in violation of the Constitution.

    2. The President must go through Congress to create policy. When he made his unilateral decree, he did not do that.

      Again, that quote you used is in reference to rulers who have gone totally tyrannical. I think you missed the point of my post by focusing on that one quote.

      The point of this post is to speak about tyranny in general. Tyrants who ignore legislatures and rule on a whim. Tyrants who ignore bounds placed on their power.

      Which is what Obama did. There are immigration laws approved by Congress. Laws which the President must obey and follow. In his unilateral decision he basically said he is ignoring laws passed by Congress.

      He made a new law by himself without the approval of Congress and in violation of the Constitution.

    3. If they should not be deported, that is up to Congress to decide. The Constitution was written so one person could not make national policy.

      It is not up to the President to decide on who should be deported or not. Under the current system that is for the Legislature to decide.

      The alternative is to allow Obama to rule as Putin, Chavez, and other tyrants rule. Either we have a legislature or America becomes like Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela. Where even if the "legislatures" in those countries pass bills, the Tyrant can just ignore them.

      Just like Obama did here. He acted like those tyrants who lead those other countries.