Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beware the Russian Bear!

Russia's Central Government wishes to have Dominion over the Earth.  Yes, you may think this is some antiqued Cold War mindset.  It is not.  To believe otherwise is incredibly dangerous.   The people running Russia are from the old days of the KGB.  The main man in charge of Russia, Vladimir Putin, also hails from the ranks of the KGB.

The mission of the KGB was to maintain and strengthen Soviet power and influence.  They committed brutal and horrific atrocities against the Russian people.   The Russian government allowed and even encouraged this.  It was all for the pursuit of power and influence at any cost.  When the Red Army conquered other nations the KGB followed.  The KGB was allowed to do whatever was necessary to make sure the Soviets kept control.  No matter how evil their actions were.

That is the legacy of the KGB.  This simple blog post of mine cannot even begin to summarize the sheer, intense nightmare that is the KGB's legacy.   This legacy lives on in Vladimir Putin and his lackeys.  This man, Putin, is carrying this truly terrible legacy of the KGB with him every day.

Putin and his political allies have access to Russia's military might.  This means Putin has both the will and the means to continue the Soviet goal of Dominion.  Where the Soviets dominate the Earth and all its people.  The Soviets tried it before but had to stop at East Germany.  Now with Europe in decline it is ripe for invasion.  Putin and his friends know this and are planning.  Putin and his political allies wish to see the return of the Russian Empire.

We must not let this happen!

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  1. Well put!
    "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it."