Sunday, April 29, 2012

Angels Kneel Before the Father

Angels of the Father kneel before Him because of who He is and what He does.
Who He is:
  • He is God.
  • His Throne is forever and on it He shall forever sit.
  • He is Holy and full of Light, Love, Life, and Liberty.
  • He Created all and is above all.  There is none higher than He.  Not in a prideful way.  Rather,
  • He is King.  He is a friend.  He is intimate and unconditionally loving.
What He has done:
  • More mighty and perfectly good works than can be numbered.  Except by Him.
  • Love He has shown and given freely.  Such love He wants to share.  Such joy and happiness He so desires all to have.
  • Letting his Son, Jesus, die for us so people have a bridge.  A bridge for humanity to come back into relationship with Him.
  • The perfect will and timing He has for everyone regardless of their sins.
That, and for other reasons, all of His angels kneel, praise, sing to, and worship Him.  Our one and only Lord, King, Creator, and God.

His Angels kneel before Him, even if only it's in their hearts so to speak, shouldn't we all?  We need not be physically kneeling all the time.  God knows we have to move and do stuff.  What does it mean to kneel to him in our hearts?  First of all we have to believe and be a follower of his Son Jesus Christ.  We need to acknowledge our Savior and Shepherd Jesus.  We have to believe in the Holy Spirit and of course, the Father.

Not only believers but followers.  No, we are not perfect.  Some days we will mess up.  That is where His perfect and unending grace and love come in.

We are human and He understands if there are days we do not want to follow Him.  Or even some days we do not believe He is real.  How does one kneel heart-wise?  Pray sincerely for God to show you.  Our guide the Holy Spirit will show you how.

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